Sunday, April 12, 2009

Women of Virtue

Today more than ever, women who seek virtue need to band together. We need each others strength and support. Jodi is one of my troop of women. We try to influence each other for good and support each other in the pursuit of all that is good.

My dear friend Jodi 's new book titled, Women of Virtue, is finally published!!!!!! I encourage everyone to check it out at or . I marvel at the process I have witnessed in her these last 5 years. I recall her asking God how he could find and use her in a world full of wonderful women. I recall the first time a little over a year ago when we sat on her shabby chic sofa as she read me her first rough thoughts on virtue. Since then, I have witnessed thoughts and ideas flow to her... as she was willing to champion the cause of virtue. We shared numerous revisions, which she took graciously, and a few rejections and then more revisions. Finally these thoughts were ready for the world.

It is difficult to get up early mornings before the children rise to write. It is harder to put yourself out there as an "expert" as there are many waiting to pull you down. But I am changed from watching and hopefully assisting with the process, the courage, and the fire. I witnessed a woman asking to be an instrument, then receiving a voice. May it be heard. May "virtuous" be what we all aspire to.

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