Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mom Sucess

There are days when it is really great to be a mom. Days when it is exciting to help children discover why baby fish swim in the shallows, why goslings are born in the spring, and why socks are required gear for long walks.

-Days to model friendship as I stroll with Charolette and witness friendship as I walk behind a jacket shared between rivals.

-Days where we drink in the beauty of the world together and exclaim over the artistry of a single tulip or daffodil, where we run, discover and enjoy together.

Let others spend their money on boats and toys. I enjoy them, but I NEED beauty and I NEED simple days like this as a mother.

...Days where the projects waiting at home smell like fresh herbs and the nurturing that is food.

-Days when the art lesson on Middle Eastern mosaics turns into a cooperative experience.

We need days where the adventure doesn't stop at dinner time, where the smallest change of location changes dinner into magic. (detailed on the dinner blog)

We need days to train Little Women in womanly arts and hygiene, to physically show our love by pampering their little hands and feet, to minister to little bodies, and giggle over space man eyes.

I love those days when at the end of the day, the girls say, "Mom, thank you. This was the best day ever!"

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