Monday, April 13, 2009

Aspen Crisper

If you are wandering through central California, you might just see a number of long chicken barns popping out of the sea of grapes. If you do, you are near Aspen Crisper.

Aspen Crisper is a magical town, a cross between Terabithia and Roxaboxen, where children can be dusty, where objects long in disuse become useful again. It is a community untouched by economic crisis, where money is never an object, where you can go back and forth to it's two ice cream parlors and try every flavor and never get sick.

Residents care deeply about living things and have a special station for caring for the numerous creatures that venture into Aspen Crisper. Toads, 6 gophers, lizards, and injured chickens all are washed, fed and given homes here.
Here, education is prized and there is a school for all ages complete with a state of the art playground.

All with an imagination are welcome here and the local industry, a factory which produces houses, chairs, and carpets churns out new dwellings for all newcomers. The town is lined with stores. Walmart, Harmons, a music, car, and tractor store all do a brisk business. To beautify the surrounding countryside, a nursery sells plants. All residents work where they want and when they want. All share the profits from the society which are used to buy more ice cream.
If you happen to venture on this idyllic town, I'll share the secret password. It is "Crisper!" said in an excited whisper. It is worth a visit. In this town, children make good citizens, mayors, builders, and caretakers of their resources. Zion perhaps?


  1. Wonderful! I had no idea my camster had been spending time in Aspen Crisper!

  2. I like the freedom of Aspen Crisper. Children need more of that kind of place.