Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Tokens

Three sobbing little girls are now comforted. We stood on the front porch and gave Briz the family wave goodbye, then they all broke down. "Is he in El Salvador yet?" No. He's probably at the stop light."

After a song and prayer, Sunshine slyly said, "I stuck my favorite necklace in his suitcase. Now he'll miss me and won't forget me."

"I put in my favorite bracelet and some of his favorite Cadburry eggs with a note." Chimed Little Mother.

"Oh! I did too! I put in some of my Easter candy." Ladybug added.

We all felt better after sharing. I finally admitted that I too had stuck a note in his laptop with my favorite See's candy bar I've been hoarding. I guess he'll be fine on treats.

I hope no one goes through his luggage and wonders why such a tough guy carries jewelry and various loose candies rolling through his belongings.


  1. ohhh my heart my heart! this one really tugs. TUG-O-RAMA my heart strings how about!!! and ..what a great laugh at the end!! I love it!! I must say he has been on my mind the last 36 hours. You're all in our prayers..and he is constantly in our thoughts..Keep up the great work. ~BJ.

  2. I laughed and laughed, and yet I understood too.