Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Have a Dream

I have a dream... many in fact. But I am old, my time for dreams has passed. I am a frumpy housewife who knows where my efforts are most needed. Even if I did find the time, I am afraid. I fear people will fault my efforts, or criticize my less than perfect performance. I fear to open myself up only to be torn down.

For all those who have a dream, who think life has passed them by, who feel it may be too late to live their passion, you must meet Susan Boyle.

For those of us who tend to judge based on appearances, on age, style or fashion, witness Susan Boyle.

Susan is forty seven years old, dowdy, unemployed, never-been-kissed, and lives alone with her cat Pebbles. Yet with thousands mocking and jeering, she stands up and tries to reach her dream.

Click on this link - take 3 minutes and witness something that I hope will cause you to think differently about your dreams and talents.

My first thought is that somehow our society looks on the outside to judge a person. We are looking for the supermodel to find value. Is that really where value is found?

I wonder... why must we judge at all? Why must we criticize? If someone is horrible why must we roll our eyes? Why do we point it out to others? Do we think they might miss it, or do we fear we will appear stupid and foolish if we don't show that we see other's weaknesses?

My love dare today was to not say one critical thing to my sweetheart.

So far I have succeeded with my spouse but I have failed miserably with my little women. "Those teeth look furry and scummy. Have you washed that face? You are the laziest kid! You have missed 5 words, 5 words and you didn't read the instructions. Can't you read?"

It looks even worse when I write it. I didn't realize what I was doing until I heard Little Mother get frustrated with Sunshine and instead of dealing with the issue she tore her down. "Stop picking your nose. That is gross. Your hair looks like a rat's nest."

Yep. I hear myself. Couldn't I just pick up a warm washcloth and with a smile say, "Here is a washcloth for that beautiful face." or simply notice the good and when the teeth get brushed go nuts with happy thoughts over the shiny shark's teeth?

Luckily, I give myself a week to master each love dare challenge. Today, I decided to enlarge my challenge to cover my children as well. I want my children to be like Susan Boyle... ready to face the world, content in themselves, not like me... hiding from others so they won't knock my scummy teeth.

With those around me, I want to be like Susan's blond judge. I want to give others a chance, wait before condemning, and show love and consideration. And while we are at it, what is your dream? What are you afraid of?


  1. good one. i like to dream, but i must be afraid of failing or like nelson says maybe i am afraid of my greatness?

  2. How incredibly profound! I could really see myself as well in your evaluation of why we criticize and judge. I had seen this youtube clip on Susan Boyle the other day and I loved it! I don't think that she should ever change her image! She is who she is... a very talented woman. Thank you for your insight and making me think twice about others and about myself!