Thursday, April 2, 2009

Intro to Soccer

Anxiously awaiting our new experience, some of us walked, others galloped, to the new soccer stadium dressed to battle the imposing purple cover that approached. How perfect, how wonderful that we could experience professional soccer for the first time on SOFT SEATS in a catered indoor/outdoor box with family members that are friends as well.

The play was truly beautiful. The movement of the athletes was artistry. Though I have yet to understand the calls and plays, I sat transfixed by their coordination and speed. When the players bounced the silver ball off their heads, it spun and sparkled, catching my eye as it defied gravity.

The social aspect of the game added to our experience. Teresa and Samantha explained the game. I learned about professional player's propensity to flop for a foul. I learned that the incessant drumming section was a "soccer thing" that went all game long. I learned about off sides, men in banana suits, and that warm climates produce better soccer players. All the nuts in the box sang Oooh ohhh, Oooh oooh with the crowd after each score. Melinda, Teresa, Ladybug, Adam and I danced the chicken dance at half time to the teenager's embarrassment. Briz and I reconnected with Melinda and Teresa, whom we dearly love.

My little women stayed in the indoor section, battling the boys with noise whackers. They were more impressed by the chocolate covered strawberries, the baklava, and the chips and dip than in the quality of play. I must admit I enjoyed the shrimp tray and daintily picked at more than my share.
In the final quarter, the drizzle turned to a torrent, yet the players continued their beautiful play, winning by 3 goals. Briz and I each took a little hand and jogged to our car. Bedraggled and dripping we arrived at our car, happy and laughing at the horrible smell of wet wool.

Today I am grateful for lobbyists. I am grateful that dear ones would share the benefits with us. I could do more of this.


  1. What a nice way to watch a wet game! I have always wanted to go.

  2. I have been reading "Realtime Interupt". Your opening words came from that world. What if the moment wasn't real?