Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lit Bit's post on Seals

My sister Elisabeth posted such a lovely post on our Weaner party, I just copied it. The only thing I would add is my highlight... petting the seal I lay by. He wouldn't wake up!!! It was so much fun.

The tide was out and so we drove a little ways down the coast to find the perfect spot. Ivy wanted to rescue the poor little crab but the starfish wouldn't let go. Camilla loved exploring and being outdoors especially spending time with Nana.

If you step on these guys in your barefeet they squich water at you and suck in awful feeling. They were all over the place among the corral and crabs and clams and plant life.
Wow right where we needed to walk...

To be honest I was a little scared. Mom aka Nana took Cami as I snapped fotos and tried not to wake them.
Midodi was brave. She then petted the seal. So I got a little braver. What sound sleepers- we pet their smooth fuzz. (Notice we picked a very little one) Don't do this part- We really should leave them alone. For our safety and theirs.By the time Russ came over he woke up Don't bug me I'm sleeping.

Loads of fun with my shoes around my neck (didn't keep them dry though) and my pants rolled up.

Elephant Seal vista point near San Simeon and Hearst Castle- I've driven by many times but never stopped. We went with Cami's cousins, aunts, uncle, great grandma, and her Nana and grandpa. Between us all I think we took a bazillion pictures and maybe I took half of those. Breezy and a beautiful day! I recommend the trip to everyone.
Look closely this beach is full of life! Little and not so little. A PBS show on the elephant seals (so named because of the long noses on particularly the bulls) said that they once filled the beaches of CA but for a reason I don't really remember- blubber? to eat? (they would be pretty easy prey) they were killed off at any rate and now come to these beaches in central cali to mate, and give birth and molt and amuse us.

Now is the time of the weaners. The mothers begin to leave the babies to fend for themselves and to teach themselves to swim. The only bulls around like this one below are premies- under 9 yrs (that is when they begin mating). The guide said this fine big fellow was probably 8. Each time the ocean washed around him his nose would blow bubbles as he slept.
We stood behind the fence and peered down on them snapping away trying to capture quick and a precious few movements, facial expressions, fights, playing and big round eyes.

Is he smiling?
A clawed flipper? reaches up and lazily scratches.

Here you can clearly see the molting- he's probably a yearling.

Once again the visit was made so much more of an adventure with the excitement of Ladybug Sunshine and Little Mother.

While you are there visiting- Do not feed the plump little squirrels who will come right up to you and practically climb up your arm.


  1. How cool! Looks like next time we head to So. California we'll have to make a trip North. Glad you guys had a great trip!

  2. what a GREAT POST, AGAIN!! Your pics are amazing. I love love LOVE the one of the footprints in the sand..reminds me of the famous "footprints"..INCREDIBLE snapshot.
    I love you laying next to the!! killer!!!
    ps: is this the book you "touched on" and told me about last year at education week when we went? *LOVE* BJ