Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We drove all day and through the night through deserts and mountains to Nana and Grandpa's house. At 10:00, the sweeties fell asleep, At 11:00 I fell asleep listening to Briz singing to U-2 on his MP3 player. At midnight, our time, we pulled into the farm lane. The lights were on, and we were expected. I crept up the stairs to find my 2 week missing daughter. I held her sleeping form and she happily whispered, "Momma, Momma," as she held me tight. My world righted as I held my baby once more.

As I prepared for bed, I heard squeals of glee coming from my window well. A knock and a giggle. Ladybug plopped toad after toad into her 5 gallon bucket. Briz and Ladybug finally came in after catching 1 midnight snake that had just fed on some hapless creature and a whole bucketful of toads.

Ladybug prayed before bed, "Thank you that I was able to catch so many toads on my first night."

My mind was firmly on bed and was unable to see the importance of greeting the animal life at midnight. But my sweetheart did and Ladybug wrapped her arms around a cat and slept well, secure in the knowledge that she was in her happy place and all was well with the world.

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  1. Sometimes it takes a Ladybug to bring us all into focus.