Sunday, May 3, 2009

A True Princess

Every little girl knows the truth about their identity. They know they are a princess. They look in the mirror, enamored by who they see. An elegant hairstyle is all they need to walk through the halls of church, head held high, secure in their own elegance. And oh, the thrill of a twirly dress! There is nothing so wonderful, so bedazzling as to feel your clothing swirl around you. Real princesses twirl.

Somewhere along the way, little girls forget the truth. The mirror stops reflecting the truth because they stop looking in the right mirror. The mirrors at school, work, and sometimes even home reflect too skinny, too fat, too curly, too straight... and the little girls forget the joy of twirling, french twists and their own greatness.

At the castle, we believe in princesses. We try to do everything we can to battle the evil mirror that tries to trick our princesses into believing that they are scullery maids. To that end we remind them that "It is love that marks the true daughter of the king." (The True Princess, by Angela Hunt) It also helps to have a father that sees your beauty, that brings you treasures from his travels and best of all, reads to you.

Why? He is the first man in his daughter's life, the first authority figure in her life, and his character is invisibly overlaid onto his daughter's image of the King and how he feels about his beautiful daughters.

One day, if Briz and I have done a good job, our little women will choose another man to take his place. This knight will see their innate royalty and will cherish them and fight for them as we have done.

No one acts inconsistently with who they see themselves to be. For this purpose, I must keep the mirrors clean, and the twirly skirts ready for ALL the girls in this house.


  1. Thank you for that beautiful insight, my grown-up little princess!!

  2. Well said! I wish all little girls were able to remember thier princess identity.

  3. well said- to remember, perhaps one of the most important words in the the english language- even if you do your best sometimes the best of knights still aren't chosen- I really am excited to hear about the travels of Briz for obvious reasons!

  4. what a beautiful thought! my answer wont go as deep as i feel, but what a marvelous outlook to have when raising your family. i hope that the knight each of your daughters choose will in fact cherish them, love them and fight with them and not against them . . .
    i love you!

  5. We belive in princesses at our house too. Thanks for the reminder to make sure my girls always remember that.
    In the girls bedroom in our old home I painted in large print around the walls of their bedroom "I am a daughter of Royal Birth. My Father is King over Heaven and Earth. My spirit was nurtured in courts on high, a child beloved, a princess am I."
    I thought Libby had forgotten about it, but just the other day she asked me about it, wondering when we were going to paint it in the new room.
    I guess it's time.