Friday, May 29, 2009

Cocooning Ladybugs

"We will stick together and be partners in this growing up thing." My Ladybug spoke with confidence. "You know, I want to be a young lady, but I don't." Stuck between bugs and boys, my caterpillar is thinking of cocooning.

Where has my baby gone? Some girls run headlong into growing up, pulling parents behind them. Others go kicking and screaming. A few move gently and gracefully into their teens. My bug, who has not had a graceful transition period yet, is one of those.

No topic is off limits between the two of us and she has covered many of them. I feel that she views me as a full partner in "becoming a young lady" - that our relationship provides confidence to move forward with a little trepidation and a little excitement.

She draped my arm around her and held it tight as we walked into Walmart. Holding tight to each other we found new young lady things. Many children are such darling little ones then frighten as teenagers. My wild bug is nesting with her mother, trusting firmly in my care to see her through.


  1. Ladybug is one lucky young woman to have you for a mother, an inspiration, an example, and a friend. Her path was instantly eased when the two of you found one another.

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