Monday, May 11, 2009


The castle solarium has gained a new resident. His/her name is Peeper. Ladybug went for a walk to watch the baby ducklings swim with their mothers. She didn't come back and she didn't come back. Briz went one way, then another way. Then I heard sobs as the door burst open and my bug dashed into my arms, obviously distraught. She threw a small peeping fur ball at me and hysterically asked for help because she didn't know what to do.

The duckling was in the mouth of a cat when Ladybug attacked, forcing the release of the little one. She sat and waited, but the mother did not return. I assured her that we would do all we could for the tiny peep. After experimentation of diced fruits and veggies, one worm that dried up, and mushed bananas, we found that he would eat soggy bread, only by hand.
The little one took to Ladybug immediately and snuggles in her lap and gets agitated when she leaves. To get the duckling to sleep, Ladybug holds her hand down into the box, the duckling snuggles up in her palm and together they sleep.

Peeper is now helping her study for her Spanish exam tomorrow.


  1. AWWW how cute!! what a heroic action for dear little haylie!a little scary and quite sad, but yayy in the end!

  2. lakesideranch@gmail.comMay 12, 2009 at 10:04 PM

    grampa: It looks like a Quack not a Peep. Hooray for haylie!!

  3. Oh to be a savior of ducklings.

  4. Swoop says, "_That_ little duckling is cute. It makes me think about my duck who is about to have a pile of ducklings." =)