Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Broken Laws

"Rules are meant to provide us our greatest happiness," explained Rabbi Bernstein. I agree. In fact the more experience I gain, the deeper this truth becomes.

When we are little, we must learn this truth in small things. I stepped onto the front porch and saw my two youngest speeding down the hill in the plasma car without shoes or helmets. Now the rules have been laid 100 times if they have been laid once. "Girls, you know the rules. Go get your gear!"

I turned back to my reading as they walked up to the garage. A few minutes later, I heard the bike thunder again down the hill. I looked up just in time to see two little girls, without shoes or helmets plow straight into a thick solid metal pole. Sunshine's face went 20 miles an hour smack dab into the pole. Little Mother fell off the back and was dragged a bit. The screams of pain started and I . . . I hate this part of motherhood. I want to shrink and hide. I cannot bear to look. The accident could have killed my little ones. Do they have concussions? Broken bones? They pick themselves up and I know they will live. I am furious, yet I realize that natural consequences teach far better than any I could impose.

Broken rules at 4 and 7 lead to scraped knees, toes, bruises and swollen faces. Broken laws/rules at 30 lead to unimaginable pain . . . So, I try to look on the bright side. Perhaps helmets and shoes may not be seen as such a pointless parent driven burden next time. Well, we can always hope.

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