Friday, May 22, 2009

Friends and Food

There is not much that food and friends can't fix.

Due to hormonal influctuations, I have had a little black thunder cloud following me the past week. Poor kids, poor husband, poor me to have to listen to my sad thoughts running through my head. No one cares. I'm just an uninteresting drudge. Everyone uses me..... you know, the horrible ridiculous thoughts that are blatantly wrong due to their "everyone" and "nobody". Anytime I hear one of those thoughts I know it is faulty because there is never a time when everyone and nobody does ANYTHING!!!!!

Anyhow, yesterday afternoon, I returned home to find Melanie left this Low Carb Bible/Cookbook on my steps.
How thoughtful its that? She LOVES me!!!!! It is the perfect complement to the low carb/ high carb macro patterning I use to regulate my sugar levels. I spent the evening reading the cookbook and feel better about the food that would be coming my way soon.

Then, this morning, Little Mother and I met Margaret and Colden at Elisabeth's Tea Room.
I tried Welsh Rarebit for the first time!!!! It was savory... and satisfying. I doubt I'd have the courage to buy the beer they used though. What would my kids think?

We snacked on ginger scones with lemon curd, sausage rolls and currant vanilla tea. We laughed and talked and I felt the remnants of the cloud blowing away.

Tonight, I met Liz and Amy at The Merlaine downtown. Located in a quaint old building, the food was spectacular and the company stimulated and comforted. We shared, we thought, and giggled.

It is late and I should be going to bed, but I am so grateful for the influx of friends and food. Just when I needed them the most, they all pop up. Everyone is so wonderful!!! My tummy is full and so is my heart. I can't see a trace of that thundercloud.

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