Friday, May 8, 2009

Special Delievery

The doorbell rang this afternoon. My littlest cocked her head and sang, "Special Delivery!" as she pedaled over to me. I looked in her bucket and found the mail.

It made me smile and giggle ... then made me think. I loved the spontaneous act of kindness offered from this small person. I didn't ask her to get the mail. But the touch that made my day was the use of my food storage bucket and the cheery "Special Delivery" greeting. I realized that I wait to perform grand acts of service, something that will really make a difference-

What if I pedaled my little self over to my neighbors with their mail and a little cookie... smiled and said, "Special Delivery for a special person!" Bet they'd smile just like I did. Bet they'd even giggle. I'll try something like that tomorrow or tonight and report.

I personally am so inspired by children.

1 comment:

  1. waiting to hear the results! I brought cookies to my neighbors last night, but instead of saying special delivery as I should have, I mumbled something about having extra cookies we wouldn't be able to eat.