Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I dreamed up the little musicians class as a way to pay to take my husband to NYC. I ended up really enjoying my time with these little ones.

Today, 7 small children excitedly gathered to share their cleverness with their mothers. They did not want to play, they wanted to show. But the excitement of the moment was too great. They could not focus on their learnings, so great was their joy at their mother's presence. I finally gave up helping them show off and served refreshments. Killing Two birds with one stone, I made the same thing for our Teacher Appreciation dinner - so recipes are on the dinner blog.
Nonetheless, these little ones have learned about 6 different composers and classic works, volume, instruments, rhythm, tempo, staccato, legato, major and minor keys. One or two just liked to race around to the music, but some were really gifted in the area. I hope they go on to greater things. I am pleased with all their progress in 12 weeks. I think I'll miss their happy little noises, their smiles and their hugs. Most of all their hugs.

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  1. Thank you so much for such a fun class! Ella has loved it and has learned so much! My Dad (who is a avid classical music listener) was blown away when she told him all about Mozart, and Don Giovani, and The Willian Tell Overature, and The Surprise Symphany.
    Wonderful class and even more wonderful teacher.