Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today as on each Mother's Day the past 11 years, I get overwhelmed. From the moment I wake up till my head hits the pillow, my heart fills with gratitude for the blessings and joys of Motherhood.
  • Serenades with sly smiles
  • Sharing a hymnal with a padded hand, trying to follow along as best they can
  • Calling Master Tigress, Banana Monkey, and Master Liah in from saving the world to get ready for church
  • Combing, braiding, and stroking soft clean hair
  • Cards with praise for "fixing my bottom", "laughing at me when I'm silly", and "pretending I'm your pet".
  • Artwork depicting me in a helicopter beanie
I appreciate my husband's efforts in helping my children learn gratitude and service. I appreciate his efforts to make my favorite breakfast, and ensure that I have a tidy house to enjoy it in. I appreciate my family allowing the cat on the table for me to pet while I eat. I REALLY appreciate sleeping in till 10:30. But none of this is necessary.

Mother's Day has never been about me. It is about my little women and my husband...the ones who allow me this tremendous gift. It is about a spouse who works hard so I can enjoy this fleeting opportunity. It is about children who allow me to make well intentioned mistakes on them but idolize me anyway. It is about a Heavenly Father who knows best who and what will give me the deep sanding that my proud and wild soul needs. It is learning patience, service, kindness, and unconditional love. It is sharing a life with others - encouraging and learning from each other. It is creating my own little AA life group. Its about becoming.

Though I enjoy my role as a mother most days, I love this day... to revel in it, to thank the Lord that I have this opportunity, to lavish all the love I possess onto my stewardships. Happy Mother's Day All you wonderful moms!


  1. Great post, Holly. I just discovered this blog and love your positive view of motherhood. So many mothers complain about this day, and you remind us to celebrate the blessing of mothering instead of comparing ourselves to the perfect mother (who is she, anyway??). Thanks for your insights.

  2. happy mothers day and yeah ladybug