Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why I married

I married my husband in large part for his fathering potential. I recall Heather, my older sister, telling me I was in love. I didn't want to be in love so I protested, reminding her of the looks and style of my former GQ type boyfriend, and pointing out Briz was balding and often had bad breath. Exasperated, she said, "keep some gum in your pocket then!" and "Imagine your life with GQ in 10 years and with Briz in 10 years. They'll both be bald, but which one will come in swing you around and roll on the floor with the kids?"

I bowed to her superior wisdom and realized that the best gift I would ever give my children would be the dad I chose for them.

Last night as almost every night, he showed me what I great gift I had given them in him. I had a night at "Twilight" planned with Margaret. At the last minute a good friend offered Briz Jazz tickets. Who to go with? My kids of course!!! Within 10 minutes he found fan outfits to improve the experience and they were off.

They loved the mascot's antics and some weird guy who took off his shirt and tie and danced with his big belly hanging out for all to see.
They learned what it meant to be really tall. They screamed and jumped up and down for their team till the camera men couldn't help it and put my girls on the big screen 3 separate times. They wore their little selves right out with the support of their dad who coached them in their cheering, explained the game and players, and held them on his shoulders so they could be on T.V.

His way of relating to the world is so different than mine and I am grateful that he enlarges my girl's world view in ways I couldn't or wouldn't.
The girls love their dad and want to be just like him. My reality of the gift for my kids is better than my daydream and those sweeties are so lucky.


  1. Oh! How we do love you all!!!

  2. oh holly what a wonderful evening . . . i hope your girls dont turn out to be EXACTALLY like their dad (thatd be scary) but he is a very neat man and i am glad that i can call him my brother in such a real sense.