Sunday, March 22, 2009

A good day

Friday was a good day. Sunshine returned from Ella's in all her Fancy Nancy finery. What a fun idea for a little girl birthday party! I noted that the party was complete with parfaits- see the chocolaty mouth and parfait glass. True to Nancy form, she picked up rocks, did yard work, and went to Walmart in character. Fancy Nancy is the castle's most favorite storybook.

Briz came home early and we stood side by side, cleaning the winter debris out of the flower beds. A dear friend popped her head in the yard and we talked in the sunshine.
"I am so in the mood for a BBQ!" I said.
"Me too. Let's do it. I have chicken."
"I have salad and potatoes."
"O.K. Let's meet in one half hour."
We sat on the deck watched the sun set behind majestic mountains, listened to children playing happily, and talked of things, past and present. Darkness fell and still we talked. A space heater oscillated and warmed our legs. Reluctantly and past the kids bedtime, we walked home with our empty trays, so happy for friends straight out of Crossing to Safety.

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