Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Blame Mom

"How do you think of so many fun things to do with your kids?" Mmmmm, I think. Can I take credit myself and make everyone think I am clever and fun? Nope. I'm a copier. Mainly from my mom. When I was little she did amazing things with us. We baked bread, cookies and pies with her in our own tiny pans, we washed dishes in the sink playing with bubbles, baby bottles, and cups for hours, we finger painted with chocolate pudding and the list goes on and on. "I do nothing save what I have seen my mother do." Now that I've said it, its a bit frightening for me. What am I modeling unaware for my kids?
The girls love playing with "Grandpa and Nana's farm." They feed the horses and ride the tractors as if they were there. They remember good times and plan for future times. Sunshine rides the golf cart down to visit her "French"cousin and Little Mother has to walk down the road to tend Jacob. I need to keep Sunshine busy while Little Mother and I finish school. I pull out my mom's standby, shaving cream. I watch it squish in the little hands, I see pictures of dogs, cats, and Suzanna the bunny, I smell the clean scent and I remember it between my own fingers. I use this opportunity to finish preparations for my Little Musicians class this afternoon. I surface 5 minutes later to joy, joy joy. I just swept and mopped and cleaned for the week!!! I am a bit mad. But also tickled with their simple pleasures.

I blame my mom.

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