Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Dream

I woke up panicked and felt with my toes for the warm steady figure of my husband. Nothing was there. Though disoriented from such a quick wake up, I padded down the stairs. No cartoon watchers. I looked outside. No early morning yard workers. I padded down to the basement and found my sweetheart giving Ladybug her morning snuggle. I motioned for him to come with me and led him by the hand back up for my morning snuggle.

"What was it honey? Was it a dream? Tell me about it."

"Well, I forgot. We forgot. We forgot that we were married. We got lost in the room-mate living of comfortable friends and moved on. At the last minute I found a vague memory that we were must have been married to have had these little girls and we must have loved one another very much. I went to revive that memory with you, but you had already moved on."

The panic of that dream provided the determination to truly put into action "The Love Dare" by Kendrick (as seen on the amazing movie Fireproof). I will not allow our relationship to get lost in the discipline, the yard work, the church service, and the hundreds of other tasks of making a living.

I cannot fully implement each quality, each habit in a day, so I will do one a week. I will read each chapter every morning for a week before moving on. Today's habit is "Love is patient."

Here is my favorite quote for this week's challenge, "Patience understands that everyone fails. When a mistake is made, it chooses to give them more time than they deserve to correct it."


  1. We watched the movie, I'll have to check out the book. I'm sure it has some great ideas.

  2. What a horrible dream, but wonderful results. I wish to Love better too. I will be more patient. Thank you.