Sunday, March 22, 2009

Irish Inspiration Tea

Saturday, I attended an Irish Inspiration Birthday tea for my oldest friend, Amy. It was not a party, it was an event, produced for the best of reasons, to offer the attendees a gift, a meaningful and lovely afternoon.
As I arrived, a few chosen friends were bustling around helping with final preparations for the tea. The beautiful hostess, Amy, still took the time to greet each guest warmly during the bustle. Three large tables were set in three different rooms to seat over 26 women.
At each place setting was the guests initial with a label, describing the way that person had inspired Amy. She graciously thanked each guest for being the inspiration in her life. After an Irish jig performed by her daughter, we sat at our assigned seats while SHE served each of us each individual course. After, we each shared something that inspired us. Some shared stories, others individuals, and others shared items... books etc. Each of her friends that I met were salt of the earth women that I would choose myself for a companion. I left with a full stomach and a mind...full of possibilities, inspiration and joy that there are such wonderful women out there.

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