Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Treasure Hunt

The Leprechauns left a treasure for my girls and my parents this morning. The spring thaw made their feet awfully muddy, and their prints led us right to the spots they had hidden their treasures. This evening, my girls went on quite a hunt to find another sort of treasure detailed on my dinner celebration blog. We found the treasure of a rare evening with grandparents, silliness, and imagination.

My mother and I spent the day on a different sort of treasure hunt. We visited with Aunt Moey, Uncle Bob, and Uncle Cliff. Driving home, I felt the day as well spent as any I've spent in the last year.
My Nana asked that my mom would take care of her sister, Aunt Moey after she died. With several states separating them, I wanted to step in as a substitute for my mother. One visit turned to many. My notion of caring for Moey and Bob quickly changed to thorough enjoyment of our visits where with my sweetheart we discussed common loves such as books, fossils, rocks, anthropology and of course, family history. My world increased as I gained two more people to love and think about.

Tonight, I unexpectedly cuddle up in her love, crocheted over hours by this dear great aunt.
"I thought of you the whole time I was making it. You don't have to take it if you don't want. It's just a dumb little thing."

How can hours, days, and months of love be a little thing - something to discard? I am not loved by so many that my heart does not swell at the physical reminder I received today. She LOVES me!!!
My visits to Uncle Cliff are a bit more recent. A year ago, my mother called. "I think I found my great uncle Cliff, my grandmother's last remaining brother!" Will you call, see if it's him, and see what he knows about his mother?"

Ah! A quest to find a missing link... someone we thought long dead. Though excited, I was subdued to call someone who didn't even know I existed.

The door opened, and a familiar tall well built man I had never before seen, invited me in. I met his daughter, Elaine, and within seconds knew I had found family. Yes, we are distant relatives. He is my great great uncle. I'm not sure what that makes Elaine, but I don't think of all that. I just knew my family circle had grown that much wider.

The visits began with stories about my direct line, but I became so fascinated with these dear people, I wanted to know about them... what their stories were, what moves them. I am still in the process of finding out and that is fun.

My visits to them have been a hunt. And I have found treasure. The treasure of family. Not only them, but others I have come to know through their stories and pictures. I feel surrounded by great and great great grandparents I never knew. It's a little odd, but since my visits have begun, I feel less alone... I feel encircled by family.

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