Friday, March 13, 2009

The Invisible Woman

Why are nips and tucks so attractive to us middle aged women? Why are we looking for the special cream that will wipe away our wrinkles? For that matter, why are so many of us blogging to the world at large? Why try to get our thoughts out in cyberspace? Is it voyeurism as my friend Melody thinks? Is it a hope that someone out there will hear us, that they might comment and recognize our existence. Or are we writing to convince ourselves that we still exist, that we are here?

I think many of us feel invisible. Others walk by without seeing us. We have disappeared into the anonymity of the wife, the mom, the butter getter, the milk pourer, the laundry washer. Heads that used to turn, business people that used to listen, young people that used to admire, stop noticing a fully and completely "mom." Sometimes even and especially those we love and serve, treat us as the pair of hands, the apron, the clock, the pillow, and the nameless chauffeur. We have become invisible.
We feel that they fail to see our beauty, our service, our love. The question is, do they fail to see us or do we really wonder if we have any value?

To anyone who has ever wondered about the previous, experience with me, The Invisible Woman by Nicole Johnson. Read this hour long book or click on this link to watch a few minute condensed version on U-Tube. How could this woman have been in my head? I shed a tear as I recognize that she too has felt invisible...I shed a tear for all those who fail to see, as I sometimes do, the beauty of their soul and their work.

Ponder Mother Tereasa with me... how she was invisible for decades, and then when she became visible to the world in general, used her visibility to help others see the poor, the diseased and the overlooked. Even more thought provoking, I ponder God. Do we often treat him as though he is the magical man behind the curtain ready to offer us our desires and then forget he is there? Do I fail to see him in our everyday life? Does he demand my recognition, my praise for his countless and glorious works in my behalf?

After much thought, invisibility is not what we think. "Invisibility is love's most beautiful costume." So, watch or read... and I will remain invisible and not expect a comment.


  1. I too have felt invisable and have gather strength to continue being invisible from seeing all the others who are also like me. Invisable, In the background, lifting others.

  2. I am here and I read and I have not had any words for a while. I love reading you.