Friday, March 20, 2009

Intellegence Quotient

I seasoned the flank steak and left it to sit while I made the chimichurri sauce. I heard happy squeals and immediately looked out the kitchen window to monitor my little women. Ladybug had designed a zip line from tree to tree and was whooping as she flew down to meet her sister who was holding the line taut.

Test and educational scores land my little one squarely in the special needs category. But daily she demonstrates her brilliance. I am constantly clearing the yard of debris left out from amazing building projects, dog training runs, or animal traps.

I am fascinated with children in the autistic spectrum. They are able to access areas of the brain that we ignore. They say Ladybug sees computer and TV images in 3D. Imagine the possibilities each of us carries in our own brains. I hope our culture advances to a level where we can appreciate and utilize the gifts of those like my little Ladybug. Until then, I look to projects like these, not the scores from those who don't know her, to measure her intelligence quotient.

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  1. she is amazing - isnt she? im a bit bummed that i cannot share in her marvels as she spends the summer with nana and grampa - i know i am missing out!