Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another day at the slopes, today was GORGEOUS!!! A blue sky, diamonds sparkling from the snow kind of day. Ladybug's highlights include the following.

1. We shared a salad bar from Legacy Grill. This is important because we always bring our lunch and sit on a cold bench outside and look longingly at the warm people eating inside who Ladybug says are looking at us like, "ha, ha, we have warm food and you don't."

2. We found a decorated tree as we went up the Silver King lift. Fascinated, she wanted to see it again and again. Quite curious about the underwear strewing the tree and those who left it there, we decided that maybe they threw it from the lift in case they were ever skiing and needed an extra pair.

3. Blues. We now are the graduates of at least 4 blue trails. Ladybug passed with FLYING colors. I stood at the top swearing that I was going to die but seeing no other way down, followed her with a prayer in my heart that I would not lose any limbs. I didn't.

Update on Ginger for those who are following her sad tale. She is recovering quite nicely, and is not so wobbly after her surgery. Many of her stones were sent to the lab for PH testing, but here are a few for us to keep as keepsakes. Isn't that nice? Notice the beautiful color of her stones. She really is quite talented. Perhaps we'll make a necklace out of them.

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