Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet medicine

The flavor of each day is different. It is mixing the flavors of each day that gives a life its complexity and depth. Today's flavor was Motrin, peppermint, Omnicef, amoxicillin, peppered with the scent of vomit covered sheets and urine stained boxes. My sweetheart worked till 2:00 a.m. last night, and despite my best efforts, I do not sleep till he is safe in bed. At 2:30 my second sweetie started vomiting... and vomiting. Morning brought a laundry room covered in a layer of dog urine. a doctor visit for Ginger resulted in antibiotics and a $400 surgery scheduledfor tomorrow to remove an entire bladder filled with stones. Sunshine's visit today put her on a new antibiotic for her sinus infection, as the amoxicillin has not worked. My sweetheart came home exhausted in body and spirit and just needed love. He picked up my littlest one, who needed love at that moment too and the two of them swayed to unheard music in the family room and comforted each other. Loves. That is all anyone needed today. I didn't do the planned laundry, or put up the valentine decorations, or even do the bills, but the day was a success. Sometimes, days like these are for embracing our mortality, the needs of our body, the needs of our soul. All have gone to bed happy. I made my sweetheart his favorite cookies and didn't mention how far over his weight watcher points he was going and we watched a movie, snuggled together after the children went to bed. No, I don't mind today. There are some medications that taste sweet.

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  1. So sorry to hear that any medicine was needed but so glad to hear that it works.