Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Church is at 1:oo p.m. now. Not a favorite for me as I find that I can be just as late at 1:00 as I can be at 9:00. What to do on a gorgeous Sunday morning? We took a walk, discovered a simple machine in the form of a wheel, looked at horses and sheep, and found the most fun piece of ice to twirl on with our feet. Juliette and I stayed home from church as she is getting over her stomach flu.

After church? Steelers vs. Cardinals of course! This year was a first at Grandma Eleanor and Grandpa Ed's.
Russ and brothers were rooting for the Arizona Cardinals. Melinda, sporting her choicewith a stylish jersey, was the lone Pittsburgh Steelers fan. After stuffing ourselves with a great pot luck spread, our family separated to enjoy the Super Bowl in their own special way. Russ and Haylie were serious about the championship.
Anika and Juliette seriously tortured their cousins, particularly 15 year old Evan, ate cream puffs and slurped copious amounts of root beer and Squirt. I was serious about completing several hair bows for my girls. Though sequestered on another floor, Deonne, Teri, Becky and I occasionally asked the score to be polite. The other three girls played Phase 10, while I worked and enjoyed listening to their playful accusations of cheating.

We all enjoyed what we came for and celebrated separately but together and... I completed 7 cute bows!!! Now, I only have 30 or so more to do. Go Steelers?

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  1. That was a fun game to watch! I want to make hair bows for a cutie that doesn't have any hair. Do you have any ideas?