Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pretty as a Princess

I've always wanted a cloak. Silk or maybe velvet. Long, mysterious, elegant, magical. I wondered if my girls would have the same penchant for capes that I do. After 3 little ones went to bed on Friday, I whipped up 3 Princess cloaks for a special Valentine for my Princesses.

"Up the secret passageway!" "Do not let the king know I live here and pick these flowers kind lady." "Come with me kind sister!"

The magic words flew. Strange accents floated in from the front room. Who are those mysterious ladies? What amazing adventures are they conjuring up! It seems that the cloaks really are magic, because I had to sneak in after bedtime and untie the silk magic off little grubby bodies so they would not choke.

Hmmm. Perhaps I'll try my hand at a larger cloak. One in deep velvet. Then I can join in and not just be the old woman who picks up the flowers.

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