Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Morning Sleep In

I open bleary eyes. By the slant of the dreary sun in the window it is late. Much later than I should be getting up besides, I have a lesson to prepare. I roll over for the comfort that early morning spoons gives before rising. We wonder out loud how our children have occupied themselves for the morning and even more mysterious, how were they so quiet.

After a blissful uninterrupted shower as I stand combing out my hair I hear the first chirps of my little birds. I hear by the skips and hops and sing-song voice that it must be Sunshine. "Momma, Momma" she sings. "Its breakfast time and there's blueberries in the salad. That's my idea. Come on. Come on! There's blueberries in the salad." The words excitedly tumble out over each other.

I take her small soft hand as she skip pulls my down the stairs. I round the corner, see my sweetheart already seated at an obviously Valentine themed table. "It's for Valentines," says one of the chefs. "Would you like some reading material?" I glance at Bears on Hemlock Mountain and Woman's Day placed on the table for my perusal.

Ladybug lights the candle. My order is taken. I order the daily special. It is served. My breakfast is a bowl of carrots and blueberries with Ranch dressing to dip, a salad of Romaine, carrots and blueberries, a chocolate bran muffin, tortilla chips and the crowning glory, the chef's own creation, homemade chili mixed with sour cream.

"I thought it would taste good so I mixed it." Little Mother said with the practiced air of a true chef. "We came up with it ourselves!!" chirped Ladybug.

Ladybug poured the Martinelli's Sparkling cider and cleared each dish away to keep our eating area visually appealing for us. Our two chefs kept refilling our plate and pressing more of the tasty delicacies on us. Little Mother, pleased at the success of her personal creation, made a second batch of Chili-Sour Cream for us.

At Breakfast end, my sweetheart took a golden opportunity and assisted Lady bug in creating a bill for us. Our apro ed chefs insisted on cleaning up.
What beautiful young women they are and will be. Consumed the entire morning with the joy of service, they shine as they offer what service they were able. Oh, that I would serve with as much joy.

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