Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Princesses and the Peas

What is wrong with these pictures?

Is it something wrong with their beds? Are they smelly, wet, cold, in a draft, lumpy, or frightening? Are they true princesses who can't sleep on the peas I have placed under their mattresses?

Perhaps the beds are wet. But all three?

Why don't my children sleep in their beds?

Russ answers me. "I know why they love to sleep on the floor. They don't like to make their beds." I realize.... truer words were never spoken. So behold- a monument to the ingenuity of laziness.


  1. I walk by my computer and wiggle the mouse to wake the screen up as I walk from the living room to bedroom with folded laundry in my arms. Has Holly posted anything yet? I won't get on the computer just yet, I only want to check- real quick- it'll take but a second. I hold my breath...
    Was this all on the same night? What ingenius kids you have!

  2. Darian and Wade exhibit this same kind of laziness, only they sleep on their beds just not under the covers.