Monday, February 2, 2009

lovebugs at the museam

The making of a Love Bug!

The crying stared downstairs, a cry of pain and injury. "Who has hurt who now?" I wonder with exasperation as I stand controlled and continue to unload the dishwasher. I doctor Anika's scraped back. Just a skin peel along the spine, but it causes immobility in my sensitive daughter. We prepare to go to family night at the museum, Anika continues to cry and insists on a stroller for the museum. Upon hearing that we do not have a stroller for her and the museum, she sobs and begs off. I cannot take a screaming child, so I volunteer to stay.

Five minutes later, the phone rings, Russ begs us to come... "But its a family night," he says. But I cannot convince my little one that her injury will abate.

2 minutes later, another call, this time it is Haylie for Anika. Anika gets off the phone and determines to go. "What did she say?" I ask. "She says it won't be fun without me and she would miss me."

We run outside and the car is waiting for us.

Tonight, we examined fossils and made LOVEBUGS. Yes, with googly eyes and chenille legs and feelers. But I was far more interested in my own little lovebugs and the miracle that could make one of my two competitive little girls think of the other and express such love. No less beautiful was the miracle that allowed my other daughter to accept and appreciate the expression of love so much that it changed the outcome of our evening when my efforts had failed.

Our trip ended with the unearthing of a dinosaur fossil. It was large and time consuming. All three lovebugs had to work together to reveal the entire mammoth.

Once again, I was struck by their ability to come together and work for a common goal. As I choked up at the day's events, I felt perfectly joyful for the moment. My thoughts toward them went something like this. "I just want you to love each other and get along! Nothing means more to me. I know you annoy one another and feel that the other has some sort of edge- but can't you see I love your differences, your uniqueness, your you-ness. You don't have to compete for my love. But wow you sure make me happy when you take care of another of my children." I felt a smile, and heard a loving voice. (somewhat like when a child tells her parents with great pride in her new knowledge that the world is round smiled and they say yes, isn't that great!) "Yes, dear," they said, "we understand. We feel the exact same way."


  1. I've got it! For one of your first published works you could continue to post and then after a year pick out a few if you want and publish the rest. It would be smashing!