Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Quote of the day: "Oh Sunshine, you are such a great artist. Where did you learn to paint like that?" asked Melissa. "Joseph Smith." is the matter of fact reply. "I didn't know he painted."
"OOoooh yeah."

Dad and Ladybug are off having fun skiing. Funds are gone for the week. Day looks long. What to do? Kid's Club is having a FREE "thing" at the gang banger mall in town. Are we scared? No we aren't. Off we go.

We walk a 2K. We play in bouncy castles, we visit several booths and get lots of FREEBIES, including lemonade, chocolate Creamies, Hot Dog on a Bun hats, hand lotions, pencils, and pain relieving cream. We take pictures with an overgrown bee, and 6-7 assorted Star Wars characters. We learn the technical skill of balancing and throwing leather thong stick things. We listen to several small children who were given to microphone to do karaoke (boost their confidence and get the rest of us to leave the mall as quickly as possible.)

I begin the painting process. Joy of joys, I let Little Mother paint the primer over the flowers. How much mess could she make anyway? Good call. Little Mother feels proprietary over the finished job and thought she was given an extra large canvas to paint on. FREE JOY!

Little Mother had a basketball game where we got more FREE treats. The evening ended with a church activity Newlywed Game/dinner. Yes, FREE dinner and date. At bedtime my two smallest gushed, "Mom this was the best day EVER!

WOO HOO! Cheap Thrills!


  1. It would be nice to hear that at the end of everyday. Maybe I should say it to myself, realizing that I too can enjoy cheap thrills. Is that the basement bathroom?