Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trash ties and Bold Fabrics

Jodi and I were minus our husbands tonight so we decided to have a "stay late."  We don't do sleep overs at our house... Stay lates are the best anyone can get.  Well, the moms wanted a stay late so we got one.  I stormed in her house after waiting 15 minutes in a construction zone, and found a tropical table complete with little umbrellas and pina coladas waiting for us.  I was already happy.  After our tropical dinner, where some donned grass skirts, we dropped Ladybug and Little Mother off at Tae Kwon Do and went window shopping at a fabric store.

Neither of us are seamstresses.  We only sew if we can't help it.  But the colorful fabrics and bold patterns drew us.  Free from the fetters of incessant voices, we let our imaginations run.  We pretended that we could actually do stuff with this gorgeous fabric.  We dreamed of creating flouncy aprons, twirly skirts, pincushions in the shape of pears, and ric rac.  The ric rac is just to have because it was really cool.

A woman, quietly selecting her fabric, leaned into our conversation and offered a helpful hint to our dreams.  Hadn't we heard of Heather Bailey?  Ashamed of our un seamstressliness, we admitted, we'd never heard of her.  Nattalie then told us how to make several projects.  Then she told us how to make it cheaply.  With each quick picture or demonstration, we grew more excited.  Serendipity!!  Lucky accident!  Like rapt pupils we spent the entire hour we had allotted for several stores, learning how to make new projects... with the beautiful fabric... with wonder under... and with ric rac!!!!  After 30 minutes, we felt like she was an old friend and were so excited when she introduced us to 5 of her 6 children and husband.  (Who by the way, walked in the fabric store with an injured bird on his shoulder- What's not to like about a man like that?)

We left the fabric store with a list of to-do's, bright bold fabric, wonder under, and RIC RAC!!!!!  We're pretty stoked.  Even cooler, we made a new friend.  An intelligent down to earth woman, who fearlessly joined our slightly zany raptures.  Women like that are rare.  So many are trying to keep their skills to themselves so they can hold the greatness alone.  How lonely that must be.

By the way, Heather Bailey's website is great!  It's neat that a woman can be that beautiful, talented, and organized all in one human being.  I'm dying to purchase her trash ties.  Look how cool they look!  Or perhaps it is just in their beautiful hair.  Each set is about $10

I love her free downloads.  I can't wait to make the headbands for the girls.  Here is the link!

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  1. Trash ties and wonder-under! So much crafting and so little time. Hope to see you soon.