Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Again

Life continues at home.  My children awoke to find us in our bed and we were swarmed.  Holding their little hands, smelling their clean fresh hair, and listening to their chatter of the excitement we missed was a bit of heaven.

We returned to find a bit of chaos.  Sunshine's violence escalated for the week we were gone.  "She is hitting boys and girls.  And smiling while she does it!"  said her teacher.  Eleanor (my wonderful mother-in-law) was completely imobile, feet on ice, recently returned from the hospital with a concussion.  She was getting ready to take the kids on a walk and fell off her bike and hit her head.  "These children have an awful lot of energy for a woman in her 70's."  She said.  Oh the guilt!

The kids were happy though.  "Grandma spoiled us."  They reported.  And she did.  She bought them each their own special box of ice cream bars or popcicles.  They went to the park daily.  They were loved and coddled and read to and I guess that is what grandma's are for.

I was so proud to hear that they were amazing house guests.  Each morning without being asked, they cleaned their rooms, made their beds and did the dishes.  They ate everything they were cooked, watched over their grandma, and vacumed, dusted, and cleaned bathrooms when she was gone.  Little Mother did Sunshine's hair and ensured that she did her part, and Ladybug rearranged Grandma's furniture each night while she could not sleep.

Sunshine wanted a celebration to celebrate that we were all home together again.  I pulled out my special treat for them, small but beautiful dishes!

And they are their mother's daughters . . . They were enamoured with the idea of serving, pouring, and looking at their beautiful dishes. 

   So, on to the laundry.  Five people make quite a bit in seven days time.  On to the weeds.  It rained and rained while we were gone.  The weeds are 6 inches tall.  On to unpacking, teaching my last classes, presidency meetings, phone calls, catch up.  On to life.  Now I get to see if I can put into action all the things that seemed so obvious on the beach.


  1. I've loved reading your daily updates! Sounds like a wonderful trip, so glad the two of you were able to get away!

  2. Home is nice after being gone isn't it