Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mean Mommie by Briz the Guest Blogger

There is a very mean mommie at the castle! 

She has terrorized our pyewackit, so much that the poor cat won't go out the back door.  

She has whapped Ladybug on the head when she was displeased.  

She screams at everyone that has stepped a foot wrong.

What are we going to do here at the castle?

Here is the mean mommie right before one of her attacks. 

She is all worked up because her baby bird has jumped down from the nest and is hanging out in the back yard.  If anyone enters the back yard she screams and screams.  We have twice seen her beating up our cat, who formerly was a prolific bird hunter.  Who knows now with all the trauma?  Ladybug got a little too close and was pecked on the head for her transgression.  It's a good thing that mean mommie didn't catch Ladybug a few days ago when she climbed the tree to get a picture of the the nest.

Here is the cute little baby that is not afraid of us at all and is very nice.  It must have had its nice genes passed from the daddy magpie.

 Maybe we should make allowances for post pardem and all those "new mom" excuses.  Maybe it is the mean mommie's first baby and she is just over protective.  Maybe she better get over it soon or she might get a pellet to the head as soon as baby can fly!


  1. oh my gosh!! that post!! you should SEE the big fat smile on my face, that wont go away...I just split a guttttt laughing at the post. While there was plenty of things that are
    "not worthy" of laughing at in this post (ok, laughing HARD at the post)....this guest blogger killed me....
    I'd love to know how many times "other visitors" to this blog had to re-read the first four sentences like I did, to figure out it was not midodi on crack, as the mean mommie. (FOR THE RECORD: not that midodi is CAPABLE of such harm EVER in her life...but...who knows what a guest blogger could write, right!????)gosh..thanks for the laugh. TOTALLY NEEDED. so> what happens to the naughty magmommie now? you cant leave us hangin'...... and how is Ladybug doin' ? cuz, frankly, (as your youngest child would probly put it) : "that really fweaks me out!" ~B.

  2. what an evil mommy! but how tender when one looks at it from her perspective . . . very cute