Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cabo Day 2

I love sitting on my balcony early in the morning.  The cloudless sky and sunshine call to me, the small birds serenade me awake, the waves crash and roar.   Beneath me, maids silently wash each patio chair and clear any stray soda cans from the pool.  I love the seclusion of this resort.  It's around the corner of the peninsula, on a fierce and unswimmable beach.  Yet, it is quiet, perfect for my needs of peace, thought and introspection.

Yesterday, we took the shuttle in to the city.  The beach was much how I remember Mexico, crowded, colorful, loud, and happy, full of vendors  hawking their wares just outside the hotel's protective ropes.  Trumpeters mournfully crooned as they walked along the beach, guitarists strummed, girls braided, young men tatooed in henna... all trying to make a days wages.

We dinned at Cilantro's, at a table 20 feet from the waves.  Ships passed, sparrows ate from our hands, and  small children jumped the waves in front of us.

I have determined I LOVE sea bass.  I hope I love it anywhere and not just here where it is caught, then delivered fresh.   

I tried an Ayurveda Abhyanga massage.  It was delicious.  Ritualisticly, the large eyed messuse used a variety of essential oils to massage the different chakras to balance the body systems.  Particular attention was paid to the head and forehead (third eye) to open one up to spiritual insights.  I don't know whether my third eye was opened or if I was completely relaxed, but I had lots of lovely thoughts.  One was to search Paul's writtings to slaves and see if I find any of it applicable to my role as a mother. 

We took a tennis lesson from a tennis pro, ranked 5th in Mexico.  He was wonderful, but he ran us ragged and we had forgotten our water. It probably killed us.  A couple in their 70's invited us to play doubles today.  Another couple in their 70's from New York made friends and we enjoy their unique insights into the area they travel regularly. 

Ah... Briz just brought me out a tray of breakfast.  This is the life.  "Are you happy honey?"  I asked.  "How could I not be.  I'm in fantasy land."

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