Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cabo Day 1

Briz and I are in Cabo San Lucas.  We just returned from walking the beach at sunset.  The gigantic waves crashed against the cliffs and mesmerized me like a flame late at night.  I experienced my first Sweedish shower and cold dip after my steam.  It was an exhilerating experience. 

I have time to think, to ponder something other my little people's immediate needs.  I've decided to embark on my own "happiness project". 

Today I have made a bit of progress. 

My first crack at my rules:
  1. Be Midodi
  2. Act the way I want to feel
  3. Daily power up with scripture and prayer
  4. Do it Now
  5. Enjoy the journey
  6. There is only love
  7. It's all good (God)
My eyes are heavy.  My incredibly soft bed and sweet husband awaits.


  1. How fun! Enjoy yourselves! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.

  2. you did what?!?!?!

    what a smart way to be . . . happiness project . . . i dont have anything smart to say so ill just leave it with that - oh, and i like it . . . if only i could/would copy that and fill my cup before attempting to fill others

  3. Have a fabulous time! I didn't even know you were going. Good for you two, enjoy!