Thursday, May 20, 2010

Magical Mid May


It is not snowing.  Or hailing.  Or blowing.  Just raining.  At the first possible moment I walk up and down the outdoor aisles of the garden store, picking tomatoes, rosemary, basil, annuals, and color for my baskets. (All the things I must wait for mid May).   The drizzle frizzes my hair and drips in my eyes.  But I am high on color, scent, and the vision of possibilities so small inconveniences don't phase me. I let Sunshine pick a flower that doesn't match my color scheme, just because she loves it.  The row of seats is down.  The back of the car is full.  

Tonight, my nails are full of dirt, the knees in my pants are stained a light green.  But with a child, I turned the soil, filled the hole with water, and made a comfortable bed for the friends I chose to spend my summer with.  
Satisfaction, Happiness can be carried in the back of a sports utility vehicle. 

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  1. Nothing like spending nature time in the garden with someone important