Friday, May 21, 2010

Our new babies

The past several years, our dining room window has been a looking glass into a private robin world.  A pair of robins made their nest our butterfly bush and we had full access to their entire parenthood drama.  Our favorite day was always the day the little ones learned to fly.

Last year, when they were still mostly bald, with just puffs on their little heads, a pair of magpies looking to build a nest in our yard made a quick dinner of our babies.  We retaliated in kind.  Briz knocked down their partially constructed nest and we have held a magpie grudge ever since.

The robin couple did not return this year but the magpies did.  We debated tearing our enemies nest down, but they worked so hard, and gathered so many of the junky sticks in our yard, we didn't have the heart.  We've hidden sparkleys, cotton, and long dry grass to assist their progress.

Ladybug is the only one who can climb the tree, so she keeps us appraised of the eggs progress.  Last night, Ladybug climbed, hand over hand, to the top of the 40 foot pine, camera in hand to check their progress.  The two baby Magpies look just about ready to begin their own flying lessons.  We've forgiven our cheeky tenants and feel like giddy parents waiting for our children to take their first step.

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  1. hehe . . . he
    what a cute story - and fantastic pictures!
    i have had a similar experience of litttle teeny birds nesting in our eves right near our clothesline and the parents came out to gather food when i was hanging clothes - i would constantly call and report to mom the changes. i couldnt see the babies - but i could hear them - and i was sooo excited when i got to witness their debut into the outside world!