Monday, February 1, 2010

My Spa Day


"Mommy? Today is yo lucky day. I have a massage and a special hair do fo you."  
I am stretched out, covered with a blanket and brushed and brushed.  "Close yo eyes!"  I am commanded.  I wince as hairs are pulled out. "Now, sit up.  You aw going to look so gweat and you can't see yo gweatness."  

My face is covered with a scarf that smells of too many sweaty outings.  I am primped, and massaged, made up, and dressed up. 

The doorbell rings.  It is Charolette here to pick me up to prepare for the Primary fireside.  Out I go, fluffed hair, lipstick up to my nose, and smelling of child body odor.  Yet, I am happier, better for the service rendered. 


  1. That is SO sweet. What a precious child and an amazing mother.

  2. that makes me laugh! So cute!

  3. i have to say eww a little bit for the stinky sweat smell, but cute too, and yayy mom for keeping it a service!