Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walk like an Egyptian


As Ladybug has copied her spelling words, cut out valentines, and tidied the kitchen, I have used my oppertunity with a captive audience to talk out loud as I peruse my books about Egypt.  "Did you know that Egyptian royalty could not show their natural hair?  When they wern't wearing the crown, they wore a nemes  (a striped hair covering).  Oooh.  Check this out.  These grave robbers died after robbing these tombs.  Do you think the curse on those who disturbed the tombs was real?  Look at this mummy.  You can see his hair.  Did you know they pulled the brains out of the nose?"  
She was hooked.  We spent a few hours pouring over pictures and wondering how they danced or why they wore white.  Late the other night, Briz and I were cuddled up on his throne watching Lark Rise to Candleford.  Sunshine was sleeping with Ladybug because baby Megan is using her room. A little voice called for our attention.  "You won't believe this!  Sunshine doesn't know ANYTHING about Egypt.  So I had to tell her all about the pyramids and mummies.  She finally fell asleep.  How big was the biggest pyramid anyway?  As big as the mountains?"  

The last two nights, we have designed clothing fit for Egyptian royalty.  I pulled out the fabric paints and a place mat for her breast plate, Briz found a pillow case for her dress, and we designed a nemes out of left over curtain material and added the royal touch of a tin foil serpant.  
"Can I use this as a church dress?"  
"Well, at least I can keep it forever so I can teach my children about Egypt."

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