Sunday, February 14, 2010

Road Rally

I had such a marvelous experience being invited to a party that I didn't have to plan!!!! I wanted to share a bit with you all.  So I copied  Mel's blog and pasted it here for myself to have happy memories.  This was our incredibly fun clever group.  

Megan and Tara organized a road rally for adult couples in our neighborhood. I'm not sure that people pushing 40 and beyond should have that much fun without kids. We were given a list of many things we could choose from to take our picture with or in, but only had 90 minutes and could only turn in our ten best pictures.
  • 6 people in a port-a-potty on a construction site. (175 points) VILE!!!
  • Outside a Baskin Robbins, balancing pink sample spoons on our noses with a neon sign in the background.
  • Fountain wearing the same color--should have had a water fight for 40 more pts
  • Pulling faces outside a movie theater, wearing green.
  • Wearing green, eating fry sauce, behind the counter of a fast food establishment.  (Mel wiped some on Briz's poor bald head)
  • Wearing scrubs, holding a reptile (okay, it's an amphibian), in wheelchairs, in a hospital.
  • Next to a Koi pond with a Utah fan and BYU fan together (bonus points).
Also done but not documented here: 
  • All in a dumpster wearing different hats--we found out later that it only needed to be one in a dumpster!
  • Wearing googles, carrying swim noodles, with a lifeguard at a swimming pool. (taken with a fogged up camera)
  • On a tennis court, with rackets, playing musical instruments, wearing sunglasses and sombreros.
  • Pizza parlor all wearing the same color.
Oh the joy of feeling young again!!!


  1. wow that sounds like so much fun! i want to steal the idea!!!

  2. I'm so glad you guys had a good time! I can't wait to do it again!!