Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bye Bye Baby!

I said Goodbye today to the last of the baby supplies.  The car seat, the training toilet and the last of the electronic entertainment gadgets disappeared into the Big Brothers Big Sisters collection box.  

I admit, there is a bit of sadness in recognizing that a certain part of your life is over.  It is a bit complicated admitting that I now I will never carry a biological child of our own.  The kids fussed as the colorful items disappeared.  "What will our baby boy ride in? See, Meoke wants to keep the car seat.  Just let's keep it for a little longer Mo-om."

But, I also feel free.  Freedom comes with acceptance.  Freedom is accepting the life I have been given, even when it didn't match up with MY initial vison.  Freedom is clearing my life and home of the items that do not match up with my current stage of life.  Freedom is a bit more space to add those canvases Ladybug and I are going to work on together.  Freedom is a deep and abiding LOVE of my Father in Heaven who gently molds and shapes his willful and proud daughter into a lovelier person for his glory.  Freedom is looking forward to new experiences, to OTHER purposes, not better, just different.  

I explain to my sweeties that sharing our good baby supplies with the less fortunate doesn't mean that we don't want or won't get another baby, it just means we accept life as it IS.  So, any of you that find a homeless little baby  that needs a great family, we're always available!  I'll just have to go get a new car seat.  


  1. I am afraid that I realate. I released my baby items when I moved and it was hard and I did feel free, then a little princess came. I wouldn't change that, but I sure do buy a lot of clutter for her.

  2. hehe . . . he
    as they head out of that stage of their lives, i am stepping into it. they are turning the page from dirty diapers, mini bosses and spit up while i am just getting my toes (and the front of my shirt) wet in the chapter. kinda poopy. i finally catch up with my older siblings just to have them race forward again, leaving me in the dust . . .

    it does sound like both a sad and gratifying turn of events - this getting older, watching time pass by more quickly than before. while i am experiencing how wonderful it feel to be needed for EVERYTHING, they get to experience the release and the growing up of life.

    how wonderful it does sound to see your little experiments change and do things on their own and see that you are succeeding in what you were sent here to do!

  3. I think it is always bitter sweet to move on to the next stage of life.