Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magical Sound Man, Take Me AWAY!!!

When my sisters and I were little, we'd listen to old records of Let's Pretend.  At the beginning of each segment, Uncle Ted asked a child to pick the form of transportation that would take us to the story.  Sometimes it was a space ship, other times horses, or another time by moonbeam.  What was important is that we saw our transportation as a portal that took us to another place where our imaginations ruled.

The current portal of choice in the castle in the karaoke machine.  The joys of listening to one's one voice amplified have brought hours of learning enjoyment.  

It started on Sunday when Little Mother quelled her boredom at church by documenting a cute returned missionary speaking at the pulpit. 
She noticed all the features of a church meeting and flipped to a new page and began to plan.  
Before our walk, Briz and I were begged invited to "council" downstairs.


"Bishop" (Little Mother) led the services and started by introducing her two councilors.  

We were favored with several musical numbers by various members of the "bishopric" then each gave a beautiful talk full of appreciation for parents and their testimony of the Savior.

  All went well till later that day when  Sunshine tattled on the "Bishop" and was released as second counsoler and a friend invited to that position. 
The next day, the microphone took the girls to further lands of imaginary play.  They spent hours typing, printing, and rehearsing 4 WORLD NEWS.  Each anchor drew pictures of a dozen news stories, mostly involving bad men abducting children or children in jail for stealing wallets.  They colored a weather map and gave the weather for the nation.  At a crucial commercial break, we were urged by the commercial to frequent Sally's Salon by a fully set up "salon" with demonstrated manicures.

Yesterday, each family and neighbors were issued printed invitation for a weekly "council".  Currently, my three are shut up in the guest room with Girl Power Music blasting and a decorative sign advertising Sunshine Preschool.  

Where will the karaoke machine take them next?   


  1. Your girls crack me up!!! I love it. What a great environment for their imaginations to thrive. You are such a good mommy.

  2. aww . . . i love it! church is never THAT good here!
    in one of those pictures you posted, i saw such a beautiful smile on your little ladybug - i havent seen her with that look all that often . . . it was nice.

  3. ahhh that takes me back to when I was little. We used to play Primary and we used the vacuum as our mic! My sister and I would play for hours. So cute, love the releasing! *S* Thanks for sharing!