Monday, February 22, 2010

Groovin at the rink

Briz handed me an article.  "I think we're doing o.k. - we've talked about it a little, but read it and see what you think."

I read of another family who felt rushed, hurried, and over scheduled as they ran from lessons to church responsibilities to activities.  They cut way back and instituted "Club Family".

This resonated with me and as the main chauffer, would love to see a reduction in family activities.  I miss the time time time I had with Little Mother and Sunshine while home schooling.  I was able to include many activities I felt like adding.  Plus I was with them so much.  I LOVED it.  I'm not sure what to cut out yet, but club family can begin. 

Tonight was our first Club Family. 

There was the 40 year old who spends all his extra time at the rink clicking his heels together.  There were mothers and fathers pushing strollers, holding hands, encouraging, or sprawling on their backs.

There were children from 0 to twelve, on roller blades, skates, plasma bikes, or scooters.  And, there were a few misplaced teenagers hand in hand with younger siblings or friends. 

All wore a look of concentration and unconscious enjoyment as they raced, preened, or wobbled under the strobe lights. 

I enjoyed the wipe outs that each quickly pretended never happened.  
I enjoyed the silly looks of happiness on each face young and old as they zoomed by with the wind on their faces.
I enjoyed how the character of my children showed itself on skates as it does in every facet of their lives.  

One skates oh so cautiously.  

One skates oh so wild!

One skates socially. 

I brought a book along to read.  But the drama of our lives that played out in front of me was too fascinating and I couldn't look away.  Seth, from school, was fascinated by my Little Mother.  I watched his family give him a hard time, but he kept coming back.  She was kind but dismissive as she seemed completely unaware.  But I saw her reach her turn and watch a certain cute boy a year or two older a bit too long.

Ladybug on the other hand had no interest in any of them whatsoever.  She stomped out of the skating rink disgusted that during the bracelet slap song, FOUR boys had them and not one of them shared with her.   I understood my people better for stopping and just watching them.... really seeing for just an hour and a half.  

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  1. I loved the roller rink and spent many nights there.