Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I will remember you

When I come downstairs for breakfast, I see you kneeling at the kitchen window, still, riveted to the miniature drama that occurs in our backyard in creatures most of us ignore.   You  are there after breakfast.  You are there after school, before and after church in your dress.  I will  remember you just like this. 

But you are not completely quiet.  I cannot pass without being summoned by your loud whisper,   "Look! Look!"  And why not?  They were your first words, the words that are so descriptive of you and what you are.  You want us all to see the beauty you see.  Your world has such minute detail and vivid color that the rest of us miss.  

Several years ago when we learned about your diagnosis, I determined to give you as much information as I could to help you understand yourself better.  I remember laying in bed telling you about Einstein, Edison, and other famous people that are believed to be Aspies.  I remember driving to school when you asked me if you would still see the same beauty and detail if you did not have Asperger's.  I responded that you would not... that it is one of the compensating gifts you've been given.  You said you wouldn't trade it even to be normal like other people. 

I will remember your endless creations of strings, cage, and birdseed, your joy of sharing your discoveries with others and your pleasure in caring for the world's feathered creatures.

Yes, I will remember you like this for I do not think you will stop saying, "Look!  Look!"  nor do not think I will stop trying for just a moment to see the world through your eyes.   



  1. oh, my dear niece and what wonderful words as an ode to her . . . it is amazing what and who can teach us as we go through our life's maze
    i love you both!