Sunday, January 31, 2010

Live Your Best Life 2009

The scene is set.  I have cast the roles, laid the table, and thought and prayed for who might benefit from this evening.  Live Your Best Life 2009 is ready to begin.  I decorate to validate and show love for my friends.  My message is that this evening spent with you is important enough for me to spend a bit of extra time. I've laid the theme around out greatest treasure, our time... thinking that all of us have one year, 365 days that we used up. Tonight is our night to reflect and share how we used it to better ourselves and others.  

There is a bit of trepidation in hosting this event.  Each woman must put themselves, their thoughts and actions "out there" and hope the rest of us will embrace and celebrate with them.  Sadly, there have been times when some have left feeling invalidated and small.

I must trust each and every woman that comes to love the others like I love them.  I must believe that they will lift, share, and teach.  When a group of great women come together and honestly share, magic happens.  But, I can only set the stage.  Each person brings their own personality, ideas, and zest to the night and adds their own "ingredient".  Some nights we are all a bit sour and though it happens to all of us, a sour lemon can change the flavor of a great evening.  
So, I wait, wondering what flavor our night will be tonight.  


  1. It was fabulous! Thanks for a great evening, I had a great time as always!

  2. It was a fantastic time! Thanks for hosting such a fun evening!