Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Thaw

We are composing an ode to the winter thaw, to sun, to blue and gold.  Why?  Because the skies are partly blue with bits of sun peeking through.  The scraggly grass is bare of its winter blanket of snow.

Living things are venturing out of their cozy nests to cautiously and joyfully feel the air on their skin.  We too are anxious to peek out of our burrow.

In our excitement over discovery, we find ourselves wandering far into the wetlands before chancing on a sign that forbids our trespass.


Finally! to climb trees, throw rocks, track deer, raccoon, and stray cats.  "Mom!  I LOVE it out here!"

The change in weather effects all of us.  Today, Briz asked me to join him in the yard for a game of catch.  It has been several years since my glove had any use and I clumsily dropped many of his passes.  Yet, I improved.  As the ball repeatedly slapped the leather, we shed years and my heart grew buoyant.  Memories flooded; first of college housing, in the front yard, playing catch.  Then I remembered catch in our Wyoming back yard with the neighbor boys clamoring to join us.  We continued our softball courtship in Denver where without the distraction of kids, Briz and I joined separate competitive softball teams and often practiced together.  Now years have passed and my hand is not used to the slap.  It hurts.  But like magic, the motion loosens our tounges.  We talk of books recently read, and trees that need pruning or staking.  Mostly, we smile.  I watch and am not untouched by his mischievous flirting smile as the ball comes back over and over. 

I promise fifteen minutes of work in the yard. After all, I always tell myself, I can do anything for fifteen minutes.  Soon the afternoon is gone, turned to evening and I am still engrossed in helping my little ones clear the debris from last year's garden.

We loosen the soil and carefully plant seeds, new life will spring from the ground before winter has lost its full grip.  Arugula, Kolrabi, Broccoli, Purple Cabbage, Carrots, and Peas find a nice dry bed in which to stir and grow.

The early spring crop has already started.  Onions, lettuce, and spinach are already inches tall braving the contrary storms and sunny days.

"And why shouldn't all of us enjoy the outdoors so much?"  I ask Briz.  "We are in the environment our Father made for us after all."

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  1. "whenever i hear the song of a bird or look at the blue blue sky, whenever i feel the rain on my face or the wind as it rushes by; whenever i touch a velvet rose or walk by a lilac tree im glad that i live in this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for me"
    and spring (even just first traces of it) is the epitome of this song! i havent quite made it out of my house to do the yard work i am planing - but when i have gone out there, i feel that i am so blessed to live here on Gods canvas