Monday, October 5, 2009

Garbage Surprise

The doorbell rang. I answered. This is what I found. What is it? Did someone leave me a gift? Is it hand-me-down clothes for the girls? Is it a secret Santa? Perhaps it is what it looks like, garbage. Weird. I reach down and place a hand on the tops of each bag. Hmmmm... knobby. Each hand runs over a face. One of the bags giggles. "I guess I'd better get this garbage out to the cans." I remark to myself. I try to pick up the bag but 11 year old girls are WAY too heavy. The bags giggle uncontrollably and then try to run away. I lift off the Hefty and find some of my primary girls, with another giggling in the bushes.

I hold them tight, laugh with them, kiss the tops of their little heads and send them on their way. A gift of self!


  1. This is so cute and I'm loving your blog (now that I finally added you to my sidebar on my blog, took me long enough *S*). What a fun leader you are for those girls!

  2. o, to be that age again and to do silly things like that! but, o, to have someone to appreciate the clever-ness of youthful minds!