Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Ghouls

Every year at the first part of October, we rush to the copy center and make tons of copies of our Halloween Ghost.

Night after night we venture out, masked for secrecy, bearing Halloween treats. My ghouls bent over and monsterlike, race silently over the grass. They hide behind trees, cars, and sneak alongside houses till we reach the houses they choose.

Ding Dong! They race back to where Briz or I are hiding. In excitement they wait for the door to creak open, then shut.

Two or three houses per night for a few days gives our neighborhood a good start on Halloween goodwill. They excitedly sneak back home and wait for the ghoul to visit us.


  1. what a fun idea to do for that holiday im not too fond of thats in october - and what do the ghouls have in their miriad of treats? does the ghoul always come to yours?

  2. Who wouldn't love to deliver secret goodies with those amazing masks. Holly, you always know how to add the little something extra. Wow!